S’ENRACINER by Sophie Burbaloff, winter 2023-2024


“Do not cut its roots so as not to disappear. I look at the forest, the lungs of our existence. Its beauty, its richness, its plurality, its power. Its fragility in the face of man’s blind genocide. I look at the mountain, the ocean, the earth, incredible miracles. But I am a man. I lost my instinct, my navel took over and I try to do the best with my intelligence or my stupidity. However, I am sensitive and I know that only nature can root and save the living.


My work, apart from my vital and absolute love for nature and trees, explores the graphic and aesthetic aspect of the forest, with an aspiration to simplicity. The powdery consistency of the pastel plays with the grain of the paper and the trace of the brush, providing a texture that allows me to transcribe their vibrations. The white of the paper gives it its breath. My work on portraits focuses on the line which is for me the quintessence of drawing. It is he who reveals emotion, singularity, strength or fragility. Keep only the essential to express.


I also experiment with my writing on canvas or wood. I try the thicknesses, the transparencies, work again and again on the line, the trace, until I find the one that suits me and which triggers the visual emotion. It is a permanent exploration where technique and chance intersect and confront each other with multiple choices. This research pushes me to move towards other subjects with diverse aesthetics, perhaps towards more poetry or abstraction."

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2019 - Philippe Tardy: an artist who devotes his life to engraving and poetry.

He lives and works in Lyon, devoting himself to intaglio engraving and painting since 1983.

Numerous personal and group exhibitions in France (Gallery "Le Soleil sur la Place" in Lyon, Taylor Foundation in Paris, Le Toboggan cultural center in Décines, etc.) as well as abroad, particularly in the United States (Baltimore, Raleigh and New York), Switzerland and Poland.


2020 - Satoshi Okamoto: internationally renowned Japanese glass designer.

He develops, little by little, an increasingly personal work. He questions the world around him and wonders what existence is. His work is matter, form. In Japan he created a technique mixing silver leaf and colored powders. The appearance of his pieces never ceases to amaze, a quirky and classic universe that takes us towards dreams and poetry.




2022 - John Doubleday: cooperation with the association Capdenho

British sculptor and painter. His work includes statues of political leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Golda Meir as well as cultural icons such as The Beatles, Sherlock Holmes and Laurel & Hardy.


2022 / 2023 - Thierry Wenger « Prendre de la Hauteur »

His favourite subjects are architecture, infrastructures in the landscape, and for this exhibition the Alpine landscapes for which he has developed very personal angles and graphic vision.


2023 - Chris Calvet

His artistic research is an introspective and meditative quest that is nourished by ancient Chinese and Taoist philosophies, as well as the poetry of language. Calvet's calligraphic compositions translate universal concepts relating to the spiritual and natural world.

Kunstaustellungen Hôtel de Rougemont & Spa
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Sophie Burbaloff : portrait and landscape


Born in 1970 in Lyon, "Maîtrise d'Arts Plastiques" from Saint-Etienne. Softness and liveliness are the artist's keywords. Pastel allows her an infinite variation by changing the grain, the texture, the thickness of the line, even by crossing it with other materials... It also offers a unique palette thanks to the power and the luminosity of its pigments. Painting must remain, for Sophie Burbaloff, a visual emotion above all.

Kunstaustellungen Hôtel de Rougemont & Spa