Sustainable commitment Hôtel de Rougemont & Spa
EarthCheck Silver Certified

EarthCheck Silver Certified

Hotel de Rougemont has reached an important milestone thanks to EarthCheck.

Founded in 1987, EarthCheck is the world's leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. With its strong commitment to protecting people and the environment, since beginning this journey to sustainability in 2021, the hotel achieved its second certification in 2023, the Earthcheck Silver Certified.

Sustainability is a process with everyone's effort, the idea is to minimize our ecological footprint and encourage sustainable initiatives.

We are committed to fair and sustainable business practices,communicating in a transparent manner with our guest and team, encouraging awareness, and Sustainable Travel Best Practices.

We continue our march towards zero-residue by ensuring the correct treatment of paper and food waste, by adopting a sustainable policy and by supporting the local community.


We are Swisstainable

A sustainable tourism strategy launched by Switzerland Tourism in spring 2021.

The "Swisstainable" label categorizes the services provided by service providers into three levels. The "leader" at the highest level requires a proven and holistic commitment to sustainability. It aims to help travelers choose their preferred place to stay and experience in Switzerland with certification.



EarthCheck is a global leader in scientific benchmarking, certification, and consultancy in the field of travel and tourism. Since 1987, EarthCheck has been helping businesses, communities, and governments provide travelers with clean, safe, healthy, and prosperous destinations where they love to live, work, and vacation. EarthCheck understands the importance of big ideas and delivers a clear message: what's good for our planet is good for business.

In 2023, we were honored to receive the Silver Certified certification, a testament to the pride we feel at Hotel de Rougemont. This certification recognizes our commitment to sustainable practices, confirmed by a rigorous audit process, thereby making us an example in the hospitality industry.


Sustainable commitment Hôtel de Rougemont & Spa
our commitment

Responsible achievements & sustainable development goals

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by focusing on using 100% hydro-electrical power and only LED lighting, reducing plastic and paper in the hotel rooms to a maximum, eliminating plastic water bottles by using refillable glass bottles, as well as collecting all used soaps from our guests’ rooms to be recycled with our partner Sapocycle. Year on year, we successfully reduced our waste production by 20%.


Furthermore, we wish to go beyond our goals by supporting underprivileged people in their hospitality studies through Pimali as well as supporting people with reduced mobility with Capdenho.


Corporate Social Responsability & Sustainability Policy